Rock Gym - Adult Climbing Classes

The Downingtown Rock Gym offers a variety of adult classes for beginner rock climbers through advanced techniques.  If you can’t commit to a multi-day class then check out our Belay Lessons.

Basic Climbing Class

This three week class is a great introduction to the basics of climbing. Intended for the novice, the class will focus on safety, belay skills, and climbing technique with the objective of preparing climbers to make use of the gym on their own. Open to ages 16 and up. Those climbers 12 to 16 are permitted with a participating adult.

DURATION: 3 weeks             

COST: $60 per climber or DRG member $48


Technique Class

This class focuses on foundational climbing techniques. You learn how to find balance through precise footwork, optimal body positions, sequencing, and how to find rests.

DURATION: 2 weeks        

COST: $40 per climber



Learning to Lead

Targeted to the intermediate to advanced climber, the class is designed to teach lead climbing for an indoor environment. Content will cover both lead climbing as well as belaying a leader. Prerequisites: MUST be belay certified. MUST be able to top-rope 5.9. Open to ages 16 and up.

DURATION: 2 Week            

COST: $60 per climber