Rock Gym - Daily Rates


 Daily Rates

Daily rates are offered for those with previous climbing experience. Those wishing to boulder, use auto-belay or top rope stations must have completed the appropriate orientation and test for each skill. If you are not familiar with these skills then we have walk-in packages as well as lessons to help you START CLIMBING.




Day Pass: $12
Shoes: $5
Bouldering Pass: $10
Harness: $3
10 Punch Pass: $85
Chalk Bag: $1
Full Set: $7



Membership is the way to go for those who climb at Downingtown Rock Gym regularly and are capable of using the facility on their own. DRG offers a number of member options for any budget and climbing schedule.  All memberships include free or discounted BELAY INSTRUCTION, discounts in the PRO SHOP, and much more.

Family (2ppl*)
Family (2ppl*)
Charged monthly to credit card

*$5 per extra person per month

All memberships include:

  • Facility admission during public climbing hours
  • 15% discount on retail purchases
  • Special rates on classes and outdoor trips
  • FREE clinics and events
  • 1 “NEW CLIMBER” pass per month of membership
  • FREE or discounted belay instruction

Please contact the gym for details or to sign-up.

**Auto Pay Membership Cancellation Policy: 30-day written notification is required to cancel your auto-pay membership. The next auto-pay scheduled after this 30 day period will be the termination date.

For example, if we receive the cancellation form on the 12th of the month, your membership will be cancelled on the last day of the following month. All of your membership privileges will remain in force until that date. If you wish to cancel within the 30 period then a $25 early termination fee is applied.

We offer both membership and discount day pass options for those wanting to climb at both gyms. Each gym has unique features making it worth the trip!


Discount Day Pass:

  • Current members pay only $10 for a day pass.
  • A valid membership card must be presented when checking in. Discount only applies to member(s) listed on membership.

Multi-Gym Membership

  • Available for auto-pay option only.
  • Individual monthly fee: $55
  • Family monthly fee: $75 (Includes first 2 people. $10 per additional per month)
  • Same benefits as above but more to climb!